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With Absolute Payroll, you get payroll services in Central Oregon with local, 24/7, and outstanding customer service.

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Whether per paycheck, per week, per month, or something else, we have the services you need to ensure accurate paychecks every time. 

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We charge $3 per paycheck unless that does not meet our monthly minimum.

Monthly minimum is based on payroll frequency as follows:

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    Bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly: $80 min;

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    Weekly: $160 min;

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    Additional fees apply for direct deposit: $15 per payday + $0.25 per check.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between bi-weekly and semi-monthly paychecks?
The primary difference between a bi-weekly and semi-monthly payroll is that bi-weekly occurs every two weeks, whereas semi-monthly happens twice per month, like on the 15th and final day of the month for example.
Are there advantages to one payroll frequency over another?
Most employees prefer bi-weekly paychecks as it is easier to understand when it comes to tracking time and understanding overtime calculation. Because of this, most employers tend to go with bi-weekly payroll over semi-monthly as the benefits of calculating overtime outweighs the benefits of easier bookkeeping. If an employer doesn’t anticipate overtime for their employees, they (and their bookkeepers) generally prefer semi-monthly.

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